Body Therapy and Optimum Movement Anmeldung

  • You have scoliosis, bow legs, Hallux Valgus or another similar complaint and believe you have to live with it?
  • You had a slipped disc , have arthritis, osteoporosis, knee, hip or back pains and are seeking a successful treatment beyond pain-killers and operations?
  • You are looking for a way to do something for your health and fitness far removed from wrecking yourself with inappropriate therapies and training?
  • You would like to improve your physical well-being whether for professional or sporting reasons?
You have come to the right place.

Through Body Therapy, Luzia Brauchle relieves pain and tension, and corrects bad posture and restrictions of movement. The therapy orientates itself along the lines of physiotherapy and the new pain therapy. Body-oriented techniques such as Thai Bodywork, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Tui NA are used.

In the framework of Optimum Movement, she helps people to learn new, simple and healthy ways of movement .She has further developed The “Feldenkreis” Method and extended its benefits to include various types of sport like hiking, skiing and golf.

With your own body you experience
  • What your body is capable of
  • How it feels to go through life easily and with agility but without pain
  • How you can retain your natural vitality through pleasure in movement
  • How quickly and easily you can increase your scope of movement and optimise your movement with the help of guided attention


»Health is not so much a state, rather an attitude which thrives on the joy of life«
Thomas of Aquinas

Luzia Brauchle
Body Therapy
Optimum Movement

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